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Gosha Jewellery Limited
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness, your understanding and all the great support you have had given. We are looking forward to co-operate with you for years to come.
Gemini Hong Kong Limited
Quick response on client request, being provided the professional advice on audit and company secretary services.
Hira House Limited
We have found Ring and her team to be thorough, efficient and extremely proactive in the last 2 years in dealing with them, we have been happy to refer them to our sister companies and are happy to recommend their services to companies in HK!
Suntrac Ltd
Knowledgeable , Attentive , Efficient
Kingtech (China) Investment Ltd
KILIN Trading Hong Kong Ltd
We are very satisfied with your company services and your quick response to all our emails. Your working system has been good and very professional and you have been very cooperative. It is a pleasure working with your firm.
Long Bright International Ltd
It had been my pleasure to have you look after my company's account and I had also been learning from you in keeping the said account properly for several years. Frankly speaking, your effort and time devoted on my account, is greatly appreciated.
Ming Shing Electrical Eng Ltd
服務態度良好, 盡責及提供有建設性的會計專業意見,收費合理.
Ningbo Pioneer Shipping Co. Ltd
Good service and quick response are highly appreciated, We are so happy to be a client of your good company.
First International Corporation Ltd
首先,作为我司员工,我非常感谢贵事务所在我们公司业务发展及业务操作上作出的努力和贡献。 其次,从服务态度上,贵事务所的所有员工都像朋友一样,都适时地给予我们无私帮助和热心指导,使我们的工作处理起来更有效,更便捷;给我们提供了更多更好的建议和意见,使我们取得了工作上的顺利发展。 最后,衷心祝愿我们的合作更愉快!祝贵所越做越好!
B & D (International) Ltd
  1. 高效率的工作,及时反馈用户咨询;
  2. 工作条例清晰,思维敏捷;
  3. 乐观积极向上;
Equinox Marketing Consultants Ltd
Thank you for your assistance on our company’s accounting report 2008. It is my pleasure that I learned special knowledge from your company. I am very grateful that I have a good experience and work with you. Hope we can have co-operation next time!
Manhattan Investment Limited
Manhattan Investment Limited has been very satisfied with your firm's service. The necessary accounting records and documentations are always delivered on a timely and professional manner. Your expert advice as also assisted our company in making many important decisions. Our experience with your service has been very pleasant thus far.
Electrical Eng Ltd. Ming Shing
Long Bright International Limited
Priscilla Ng